19 April 2009

Welcome to my other blog...just what IS it?

I've been contemplating doing this type of blog for ages. Many times I want to try a product, talk about a great product, talk about a bad product, or just vent about a product in general in some way, shape or form...BUT there are several factors at play here:
  1. Nine times out of ten...when I search up info about a product, I just get a bunch of sites selling the product (of course it's great!)...or I get some girl (usually it's a girl...no sexism intended) with the IQ of an anesthetized cat giving me the low-down about it - usually at YouTube. I am sorry...just because you are remotely cute you should not try to tell me about said product in a string of mono-syllabic disjointed words - with "ummmm" being interjected between every two. If you cannot use a flat iron and talk at the same time...for heaven's sake don't post an instructional video about it. Furthermore, your utter lack of communication skills makes me trust your opinion even less.

  2. If I like a product...and I want to tell everyone how great it is...my other blog just isn't the place to do so...this one is.

  3. If I can't stand a product...and I want to tell everyone how horrible it is...my other blog just isn't the place to do so...this one is.

  4. Lastly, sometimes I can't find anything ABOUT a certain product and because I can't be the only one wanting to get a little info before buying...perhaps if I put something up about it (after trying it)...I can possibly help someone who is in the same predicament I once was.

Of course I would love to get other peoples' feedback as well. I do not claim to be the oracle of product knowledge...nor do I think mine is the only opinion which is right...but it's my opinion and I am allowed to share it with others.

That, in a nutshell...is what this blog is about. I hope visitors here will find it useful...and will take the time to agree or disagree...or, at the very least, say something via the comment box.

Thank you -


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