24 May 2009

Chobani Yogurt

Don't even get me started with those so-called "Product Reviews" - face it, someone you don't know decides they are the end-it-all authority on whatever they're rating...

Certainly there are some reasons why you'd want to get someone's valued opinion...a big purchase item such as a car or computer; but why does everyone out there in "Internetland" feel compelled to let you know which hot dog, potato chip, or vodka they and their three college-bound (eventually maybe) buds think? And, most importantly...do I REALLY want to trust some unknown guy's opinion whose last claim to fame was commenting "heh u sux man" on YouTube's video of David Blaine's "card through the window" trick?

These are the same people, undoubtedly clueless again, who have photos of themselves online, pointing to the newly shaven pubic hair they glued to their friend's face while he was in a drunken stupour.

But, hey - maybe he knows his vodka, so let's let that bag of chips fall where they may...

...and talk about me for a while.

The origin of this blog has been inside me for years - but, one day, on an Ambien-induced late-nite search for "Chobani Yogurt" (blueberry to be exact) a few months ago...I came across another blog who devoted a whole write-up about it. They loved it - and the comments there read like some teacher's pet report card remarks:

"Wonderful!!" "Great!" "Pricey, but THE best ever!"

I in turn, wrote mine down as well, which was a little less appropriate than the grade-school garden varieties above it...(and I quote):

"I just Googled this as well after downing my very first…the blueberry flavour. I’ve had yogurt before and I’ve tried lots of brands and kinds and this, seriously, is THE best I’ve ever tried.

It’s better than ice cream, pudding AND sex…combined. Or separately…depending on your “tastes”. "

So, with that one innocuous little post, I officially came into the product reviewing fold -- I was now one of the faceless minions who do the Internet's bidding - armed only with a computer, some link, and the wherewith all to take a few minutes of my time, I commented on a much less than high-priced ticket item. I was, in essence, the proverbial everyman - with a very small mission - so here I am.

Oh, I'll still extol the virtues of Chobani yogurt - the blueberry's the best - altho I did have a batch once of "not so good" - but this only solidifies in my mind they are more "batch tasty" rather than "forced in some homogenized artificial factory (*cough* Dannon) way" - and I appreciate that. In real life you don't always get the tastiest apple, the most succulent mango, the 'to-die-for' heavenly cherry - sometimes you get the "eh" one and sometimes that kiwi you just tasted makes you wince and nearly pucker up like that time you bit into an unripe persimmon.

So, please, don't take my word, exclusively, for it - but if you want to taste THE best yogurt you will ever wrap your lips around - try it for yourself.

At around $2 for a 6 ounce container - expensive-ish...but beats any yogurt I've tasted in years. Blueberry: 10 out of 10 Production Points; the others 7-8 out of 10.


olefolkes said...

So, I was not thinking about yogurt when I innocently clicked on your blog this morning. Now, yogurt is all I can think about - actually blueberry Chobani yogurt! However, I have never seen it in the markets - or even heard of it. Where can I find it?

Mariann Simms said...

I pretty much only shop at Fresh Market - the corner of Eastern Blvd and Vaughn Rd - next to TJ Maxx. They have it...along with soooooo many other wonderful things. :)

pathickey said...

Ms. Simms,

This Ol' Fat Boy is strictly a Dixie Cup Vanilla Ice Cream Man!

While the slimming properties of a dairy product charged with lard zapping properties is a very nice way to treat the corporeal temple, your humble Celtic bogman strikes home with a trencher of rich and tasty Dixie Cup or a shoveled portion hefted from a half gallon of Breyers!

BTW- a most charming and britches moistening site, young lady!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to taste your yogurt!