13 September 2009

Nairn's Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits

I like "Ginger" cookies - not the ground up generic gingersnap ones that say they add "ginger flavour" or "ginger powder" - I'm talking real bits of yummy ginger, chewy ginger, sugared ginger, crystallized ginger...interspersed inside the cookie. Usually the best ones I've found have been from Scotland and England (especially around Christmas, they'll bring out the variety ginger biscuit set)...so I'm in Fresh Market (I love Fresh Market) and I notice a pack of some I've never tried before, so I'm game...they're from Scotland after all and everything. They are from a company called Nairn's and this is the product in all its glory:

Now words like "oat", "wheat", "stone ground", etc., don't scare me off - I like cookies that aren't overly sweet by the way - I couldn't eat an Oreo to save my life.

Anyway, I pop them open - cute, they are in four separate little baggies - nice touch. I take a bite out of one and the only thing that comes to mind is what it must be like to chew on the glued netting on the back of carpeting - it has that type of "matrix-netting-feel" to it and what I would envision the bits of glue backing falling off and sticking to my tongue would feel like - because that's what the cookie was indeed doing inside my very mouth. It just wasn't normal - and when you thought you had all the bits of "oat glue" gone, another would still be there. I had to drink copious amounts of milk to finally pry them from my tongue where they must have decided to take up residence as they don't exactly "break down or melt" as any other normal piece of food contained IN a cookie usually does. It was more annoying than getting pieces of popcorn hull stuck between your teeth/gum as these were like little flat round bits of oat fusing to your taste buds, blocking them out and reminding you constantly that they are there and won't go quietly.

They are hands down THE worst cookie I've had in my entire life - I'd rather eat a container of Oreos when I think about it...(hell, I'd rather eat the container when I think about it) but the good news is that my son would have eaten all the Oreos ahead of time, so I'd be released from doing it.

If I could give this product a negative number I would. As it is, they score a whopping 0 "Production Points".

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Anonymous said...

I am thunderstruck reading this, obviously some-one with abnormal taste buds. They are the BEST ginger biscuit I have ever tasted and fit in very well with my low GI diet. My only problem is that I cannot find any store selling them
after buying them for about a year